How To Get A Fast Tax Refund

When tax time rolls around and you gather all of your tax paperwork together, there is usually one major thing on your mind – how fast can I get my refund?! Today, speed is key when it comes to getting your money in your hand. This is why TaxBrain focuses on offering services to get your refund to you as quickly as possible.

Accurate Information

A simple action that will lead to less delay is verifying the accuracy of the information you provide when preparing your tax return. It is easy to transpose a couple of numbers when entering a social security number. This is the #1 reason refunds are held up by the IRS. Double-check your numbers and make sure they are correct.

Electronic Filing

The first step in speeding up your refund is to electronically file instead of using snail mail. While some people may be concerned with the security of this issue, there is really no cause for concern. The Internal Revenue Service itself suggests filing electronically, because it speeds their process time and makes your refund available in a fraction of the time. How does the electronic filing process happen? You simply prepare your tax return on and they send it directly to the IRS electronically. This takes no extra work on your part, but this small gesture cuts your refund time in half and even more so during peak filing times.


You have to consider how many envelopes the IRS receives between the months of January and April. How many people do you think it takes to sort through all of that mail?! However, when you file electronically, it reaches them almost immediately and they do not have to spend precious time inputting any information; it is all right there for them.

2 Day QuickAccess Loan

Do you really want to get your refund promptly? Then you should utilize the 2 Day QuickAccess Loan. With this option, you can get a refund anticipation loan (RAL) in as little as two days. You can either have this amount directly deposited into your checking account or have it mailed. However, to get it as quickly as possible, you should utilize direct deposit.

14 Day QuickAccess Refund Transfer Product

If, for whatever reason, you do not want to use the 2 day service or if you do not qualify, you may instead choose the 14 Day QuickAccess Refund Transfer Product. Filers get their refund in 7-14 days with this option. During the peak filing time, it may be closer to 14 days to receive your refund. However, if you file early, you may be able to get it directly deposited into your bank in as little as 7 days.

Basic Service

If you choose not to utilize the QuickAccess service, you may still receive your refund directly deposited into your bank account. This still saves mailing time which can be several days, up to a week.

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