eSmart Tax – Review

eSmart Tax is a federal and state online tax preparation tool. It allows users to get started on creating their tax documents without any upfront costs. Then, users will have the opportunity to choose between several products based on their unique filing needs.

eSmart Tax – Options

Free Version: This version is ideal for those who have simple returns and will file through a 1040ez document. It offers free chat for help and allows users to import their previous returns to make filing easier.

Basic Version: A step up and minimally costing, this version is ideal for families who will need to file Form 1040 and Schedule B documents. It also offers free chat help and will give users the ability to itemize deductions.
Deluxe Version: Another step up, this version is best suited for those who are investors. It is best suited for people filing forms 1040, 4562, 8829, and Schedule C documents. It provides users with expert tax support that can give peace of mind. It also allows for reporting interest.

Premium Version: The final option is best for business owners. These are people who will likely file forms 1040, 4562, 8829, along with Schedules B, C, E, F, and K-1. It provides users with expert tax assistance and allows for home and office deductions.

A Few Key Things to Know About eSmart Tax

Before choosing any of the services and packages offered by eSmart Tax, users need to consider what their unique tax needs are. The company’s support both in selecting a product and helping to file the taxes later is ideal. A new component of this company’s tax filing service is that they offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The company also offers a few other benefits and features including:

  • The promise of the largest refund possible by helping people qualify for all credits and deductions applicable.
  • A price guarantee that you can lock in your rate today even if it takes you several months to complete your taxes.
  • A guarantee of 100 percent accuracy.

The company’s services include options such as chat support, phone support, in-person support at some 4,000 locations throughout the country and the ability to import last year’s tax reports without any charge. Users will find eSmart Tax to be an overall good option with an easy to use format. It is also a dependable, reliable product that works for most users.



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