TaxAct – Review

For those looking for a complete tax service for online returns, TaxAct could be the right option. The company provides a fast and easy process that is also free in some situations. The company also guarantees that users will have the maximum refund and will have access to it right away. Before selecting TaxAct, users should take into consideration the features this product offers and which product is best suited for their specific needs.

Key Versions to Choose From

One of the ways TaxAct meets the needs of users is by providing several tax filing options for people to choose from based on their unique tax reporting needs. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from these software products:
Free Version: This option is best for those who have the simplest tax needs and will file using the 1040EZ form. This option is free for both state and federal needs.
Basic Version: A step up, the Basic product offers a few key benefits including the ability to import your previous year’s tax data as well as unlimited phone support. It is also applicable for those filing 1040EZ and 1040A documents. State is additional to file using this product. This product is minimally costly.
Plus Version: Another step up, the Plus version is the company’s most popular product. It is ideal for those who are investors or who are homeowners and who are most likely to file itemized tax returns. This can allow you to get a higher level of credits and deductions in some cases. The state filing is not free and this product is slightly higher in cost.
Premium Version: Still affordable, the Premium version is a better product for those people who are self employed. It is also ideal for freelancers and contractors who will need to file more complex returns with more forms and details. This option does not include a state filing without an extra cost.

Key Features of TaxAct Software and Service

TaxAct is not a new company and has long provided tax services. The company promises to provide individuals with maximized credits and deductions by applying options applicable from some 300 tax options. It also allows users to access the Donation Assistance to track donations and gives users the ability to easily report investments. Overall, TaxAct is a high quality service that is easy to use and reliable enough for most people.



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