FreeTaxUSA – Review

The biggest claim made by FreeTaxUSA is that the service is free to use and that’s a good thing! The company allows users to file their federal taxes through the use of an online tool. Users are able to prepare their taxes, print them, and then e-file if desired through the service. And, it is all done without cost for its basic service. But, FreeTaxUSA provides even more services and features beyond this and that is what helps to make it a desirable product.

Free Edition

The FreeTaxUSA Free Edition is one of the best options available. It is best for those who have a simple tax report to file. It allows users to file the report free to the federal government through e-filing, the fastest way to submit a tax form. The company’s product allows for users to apply home and child credits, as well as most small business income, investments, and other features. Once you have used the service, you can then setup direct deposit and e-file the return. There is a fee for applying the state taxes, but it is minimal.

Deluxe Edition

A step up from the Free Edition, this product offers all of the same features as the Free Edition. However, for a slight fee, it also offers audit assist, which means that if an individual is audited, the company will provide assistance through the process. It also offers a new live chat and priority support feature that can help individuals get their questions answered in no time. It also allows for unlimited number of amended returns. Users can create and account and then pay after they have tried out the service.

The Benefits of FreeTaxUSA

There are various reasons to choose FreeTaxUSA as your tax tool. First, the company has e-filed more than 14 million returns and has the experience necessary. It allows for fast filing and refunds, sometimes taking no longer than 30 minutes to complete. Users can import their previous year’s forms to make the process faster. The company’s product features 100 percent accuracy because of the built-in error-checking tool. All types of returns are free to file to the federal government and tax support is also included.

In addition to these features, FreeTaxUSA helps ensure users get the maximum deductions and credits, and keeps all information private and secure for peace of mind. It is an all around quality product and one of the least expensive options.



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