E-file.com – Review

For many tax filers, the use of e-File.com is one of the best options for completing taxes, according to the company, because the process is fast, easy to do, and accurate. The company allows for the filing of taxes, in some cases, in as little as 15 minutes. This applies to those filing a federal tax return (for free) and using Form 1040ez. A few key things are important to know about this service and what it has to offer.

What to Expect from E-File.com

The aim of e-File.com is to make filing taxes with the government easier to do. The user is able to create a free account within the service and then enter their taxpayer information on the site. The user then adds key income figures, as well as any deductions they have. With this information, the e-File.com software goes to work to prepare the return and to form the calculations. Once it is complete, the user is able to file his or her tax return electronically through the service or they can print it off and then mail it in to the IRS. It’s quite that simple.

The company’s service allows users to work through the filing process by helping them to prepare documents. The company does provide qualified online tax support to all users if a problem should arise during the process. This, it believes, is one of the best benefits the company offers because calling the IRS directly can be very complex and time consuming to do.

What Makes E-File.com Different?

A few key things help this product to stand out from others. This includes:

  • It claims to be about 50 percent less expensive than other tax filing products.
  • Users can choose between three options, the free federal e-file option, the deluxe plus e-file option, and the premium plus e-file option. All also offer state returns as well for an additional cost.
  • The more complex the return is, the more it will cost to complete using the software.

The company does offer users the ability to set up direct deposit of their tax return with the government through the tax filing software. E-File.com is a fairly straightforward product with basic services and features. The company offers a good level of customer service and an updated product for tax reporting to both federal and state officials. E-File.com could be the ideal choice for many tax preparation needs.



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