TurboTax – Review

Filing with TurboTax is Easy

TurboTax is one of the more well-known and comprehensive tax filing tools available today. For many people, it is a self-directed, step-by-step program that provides a wide range of benefits. Overall, it gives users some of the most digitally advanced tools as well. Take a closer look at how TurboTax can help you to get your information submitted to the IRS faster and get your refund back to you in no time.

Key Features of TurboTax

One of the best ways that TurboTax stands out from other providers is its advanced tools. For example, instead of typing in all of your W-2 information directly, you can take a snapshot of the W-2 using a smartphone and then upload it to your return. The system gathers the information from your form and updates it within your taxes in a matter of seconds. What’s more, you do not have to use your home computer or even a laptop to get started. You can use your smartphone to get started. You can work on it on your tablet computer on the commute home. You can complete it anywhere there is an Internet connection where you can input data.

Another key benefit is that TurboTax guarantees that you will be able to complete your taxes online using its tools and you will have the biggest refund possible doing so. It also says you will not have to make an appointment or have any tax knowledge to complete the process. It backs this up with a guarantee.

However, if you need help, it is available to you. You can connect directly with an expert live right on your screen to get the answers you need. This makes it very easy for you to communicate with a professional without additional appointments.

Another area in which it stands out is with the company’s ability to do more than just let you answer questions. It provides a more thorough explanation of the reasoning behind those questions. By telling you why you need to report something, you can make better decisions about your investments in the future while learning something now.

TurboTax is available in several forms designed to meet your specific needs. The company asks simple questions of you to determine which system is the best fit. This makes selecting easier to do with TurboTax than some other products. Nevertheless, it offers a comprehensive listing of products to choose from to meet those specific needs.


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