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TaxBrain is now Liberty Tax®!

Being backed by the experts at Liberty Tax® means you can file your Federal & State tax return online with confidence. Now that TaxBrain is a part of Liberty Tax®, you can access all of the tools like the TaxBrain calculator and tax assistance applications all in one place.


Visit Liberty Tax Now >> is a comprehensive tax preparation tool. When first coming to the site, the user-friendliness and overall look and feel are impressive. However, the look is nothing compared to the usefulness of the software and articles on the site. No one benefits from a website they can not figure out how to use. However, this site throws all of that out the window and provides ease of use from the very first visit.


When setting up an account, the fact that there is no obligation to sign up is reassuring. After providing very little basic information the full site is accessible. For beginners, this is encouraging as so many other sites require credit card numbers or personal information.


One of the most interesting aspects of the site is the articles. This is a great source of information about the site and tax issues in general. There are so many articles it is almost difficult to read through all of them! However, an easy search tool makes it easy to locate the needed information. Once someone feels like they are a tax expert, they can look through the software more completely.


The software is incredibly simple to use! A tax idiot could still file a perfectly accurate return with this tax service. It asks all the questions to gain the information needed and then everything is calculated to determine the amount of the refund. The return is also saved online so it can be accessed whenever it is needed. No more searching through old files to find a tax return; makes it easy to just sign in and access everything in a few clicks. The software is online, so it is updated automatically and no one has to purchase hard to use software and then pay for updates. This was a great idea.


There are often questions that come up as someone prepares their taxes. The great thing is that provides customer support seven days a week. No one gets stuck in the dark because it is Sunday. They offer courteous and helpful information quickly so their clients can get right back to what they were doing with no problem.


With the electronic filing feature, tax returns are sent to the IRS immediately. That means refunds are incredibly fast. It can be directly deposited into a checking account in 2 days. Other services promise fast refunds, but nothing delivers like TaxBrain. It is really impressive. The option to paper file is still available, but electronic filing and direct depositing saves so much time and hassle. Most people need the money from their refund, so a fast refund is important. is a great site. When all the wasted money used on inferior products is considered, it is enough to make anyone crazy. There is no reason for that now; is available for faster, more accurate filing.