About TaxBraix.com

Taxbraix.com was first designed to offer the latest and most resourceful information on personal taxes in the United States. As the site has expanded, that core focus has remained the same. We are dedicated to providing useful up-to-date information on personal tax issues, electronic filing, online tax returns, and fast refunds.


In the past, it seems some tax services have fallen short; either not offering adequate information for the clients or simply being too technical to understand. We saw how the competition was being run and wanted to change it; thus, the creation of Taxbraix.com. However, it is not enough to be the best; we must strive to further excel in the service and information we provide. We continue in that mission every day.

If you are in search of a website that offers a lot of hard to decipher jargon and makes filing your online tax return more difficult, you have come to the wrong place. However, if you want information in a simple to understand format and the opportunity for electronic filing that does not require a manual and an advanced degree – you are in the right place.


Taxbraix.com is here to meet the growing needs of individuals that want the knowledge without the unnecessary drivel. We are here to make your online tax return what it should be: easy, accurate, and over quickly, so you can get your refund fast and get on with your life. In order to bring you to the end of your income tax preparation in easiest way once you have resolved all of your dilemmas after reading through our tax articles page, Taxbraix.com has affiliated with TaxBrain, the leader in online income tax preparation and electronic filing of federal and state tax.